Babybump date and a year later..

Texas wakes up to beautiful wild flowers, every spring and oh Boy! can we all wait for them to be in full bloom and take pictures. And since I am a big picture fanatic, I had to take pictures. Who wouldn’t by the way? Nothing can go wrong with such beautiful wild flowers and the spring sunshine!!

So last year, around this time (spring 2017), we were driving past Hruskas Kolace Bakery and spotted this beautiful bluebonnet field, near Kitchen Lane. This place was completely an accident discovery for us and this corner of the hill county looked amazing with the bluebonnets. And me being me as usual, asked my husband to take the camera out and we took a ton of pictures. Time flies by really too quick and here we are with another spring in Texas. That little boy, who kept kicking me in my belly(28 weeks preggo) all the time while we were taking pictures a year back, is a 9 month old big boy keeping me busy the entire day with his slobbery kisses, hearty laughs and crawling around the entire house destroying things.

Excuse this mommy, if she gets a little emotional seeing all the pregnancy pictures and including them here with this year’s spring portraits. Honestly, pregnancy has been the most incredible journey of my life.

This year as well, in an act of spring spontaneity, I searched for wildflower fields and found  this incredible field, Bear Creek park where the fields literally exploded with yellow blossoms. While enjoying the spring weather and the fresh air, we did a little photoshoot with our kiddo. Can’t wait to frame the pictures and hang them on our wall 🙂 Weekend project I guess..