Happy 6months,baby!!

My little tatter tot turned 6months old today!!  W H A T? Time is flying by so fast and I’m here like 🙆😹…I remember the first day when we brought you home and we were so scared to even hold you. What if you were hurt! This feels like it happened yesterday. In fact watching your videos dancing around in my belly makes me feel like it was just the other day.  Your daddy and I used to laugh saying ‘I swear there’s a footballer in there’.  And here you are with all your happy smiles. You are one happy kid I must say. The only thing that can cheer me up when I’m a little down.  One toothless grin and my heart just melts. Your smile lights up my entire world, baby. Every time you hold my hand tight while you take a nap on my lap makes me feel- I must have done something right to receive you. You are so so perfect to us.

A lot has happened these 6 months. There were good days, there were bad days and then there were days when I questioned myself if I was doing everything right as a mom. I never had to teach you to say ‘ma’. That was month 1, when you said it for the first time while crying.  The word ‘baba’ came a little later. December 8, I marked it on my calender, you pronounced ‘Ba- ba’.

Every things happening just too quick and I can’t get enough of you. I wish I could hold back time. You have learnt to roll, you have learnt to crawl, you have learnt to sit on your own already holding that pillow of yours and oh my sweet boy, there will be a time when you will grow up to be a young handsome man, and I will keep staring at you admiring my own creation- You will do everything on your own, you won’t let me dress you up, you won’t let me pick your outfit, you won’t find me as funny as you think, every time I make a psss-ing sound and you burst out laughing. No matter what, I promise to be by your side whenever you need me. I will always try to be your friend first before being a mom, just like my mom did, so that you don’t have to think twice before opening up to me -be it good. Be it not so good. Be it your successful moments and your not so successful moments. And your heartbreaks. Hopefully you don’t have to face that.

I just pray, so that you grow up to be sweet and kind and charming and all the good qualities a human can possess and I want you to know- no matter how big you are, how old you are you still be our baby boy.

-Your Mommy



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