My delivery story..

Well, before I start with my delivery story, let me tell you, it wasn’t any sort of dramatic. Although that is what I have been anticipating for long– like my water to break all of a sudden and I would scream saying -my baby’s coming with a panicky rush to the hospital, just like I have watched in most of the movies. It was completely the opposite. Anti-climax alert!!

Whenever I think of my delivery day, I still don’t believe I’m alive. Yes seriously!! There’s a saying- ‘You never know how strong you are until you actually face it.’ And I have realized it on my delivery day.

14th June, Wednesday!!

At 9pm, I was scheduled for my induction since my due date already passed away. The hospital took almost 2 hours for to get me admitted and at exactly 11:05pm, I was hooked up to the monitor and they put IV on in my arm. I was seriously excited at that moment, that finally the moment has come and maybe he’s is arriving within a few hours….lol!!  ‘A FEW HOURS’ turned out to be two days later.

That night a nurse came in every half and hour to keep an eye on the dilation. Turned out, I was still not dilated. They kept me overnight on Cervidil. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink-only ice chips to quench my thirst.  The whole night I had slight cramps and it didn’t hurt much. It went on for 12 hours and in the morning, I was only 1 cm dilated!! I was like WHAT???? Not exactly what I expected.

The doctor ordered for another round of Cervidil to start from 5pm, for another 12 hours. In the meantime, I was given light lunch which my stomach couldn’t hold. I fell sick and threw up everything. So was still running strong on ice-chips.Not sure of the word ‘strong’ though.  I had already taken my epidural in the morning. It made things numb pretty quick so that was a relief. The whole night, the pain grew strong every minute. But was bearable with the Epidural. The next morning, it turned out, I was just 2cm dilated. All this pain for just 2cms!!   Imagine my frustration here. I could hear the screams of the prego lady next door, she was already delivering her baby. Even a friend of ours who was induced at the same time as mine also had her baby girl by then.

Next morning followed. At 9am Friday morning, the doctor manually broke my water. 2 hours later, I was 4cms dilated. The doc said, if things didn’t speed up, I would have to undergo C-section. At that point, I seriously didn’t care about normal or C-section because all I wanted was my baby to be in my arms. I couldn’t wait any longer. The pain I tell you had become excruciating, even with the epidural on. My blood pressure started falling all of a sudden and I started to shake a little.The nurse said it was all normal. She checked my cervix again. And, I was 6cms dilated.  Atish has been a God sent, I will say. He held my hand through every contraction and sang songs with made up lyrics( just like he does all the time), by my bedside so that I feel better. I never knew the pain would be that intense. I thought maybe I was dying. I remember telling Atish, that probably, “I’ll be delivering my boy but I don’t think I will survive the pain. Do not remarry because step moms won’t look after my kid.” Lol.. I know that was completely lame and stupid but I had all those crazy imaginations floating in. I won’t be able to explain what we were going through… I had never seen him crying until that day. He may not have felt all the physical pains but he staying with me through every pain helped me a lot to stay strong.  At exactly 4:30pm, I was 10 cm dilated.  I somehow could feel my baby coming. The urge of pushing was intense. The nurses and my doctor arrived soon and with the first few pushes my baby started to crown. The nurse called Atish saying, “Daddy, do you want to see your boy’s head.” And that made me push even harder. That adrenaline rush was overpowering. Within 15minutes and a few more pushes, my little lovebug arrived earth side.

I am not sure how to explain what it felt like holding him for the first time. It was so emotional. We both lost words. All the pains was seriously worth it I’ll say when I saw his face for the first time. The picture above says it all..



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