39weeks and still pregnant!!

June 8th, 2017 (39 weeks 4days)

I’m 39 weeks 4days and am still pregnant. I know I’m going past my due date and Oh God..it’s so hard to wait any longer. It seems like my baby feels very comfortable in there. Every week I keep assuming this is it, I am having my baby this week but my baby boy seems to have different plans.


Every single time my mom calls and asks – ‘any signs of labor yet?’  My answer remains the same , ‘Not yet.’  I guess, me and my entire family has become impatient now. It’s already hard for me to see that few friends of mine with almost similar due dates already have their babies in their arms and my situation still remains the same with no dilation or labor cramps. My mom keeps worrying if my baby’s weight increases a lot, I’ll have problems in delivery. I might have to go through C-section. Normal delivery becomes a little hard if the baby’s weight increases way too much. I have gained over 35 pounds and all I fit in is in my sleep-wears ONLY.

I had my doctor’s appointment this week and I hoped to be a little dilated but my doctor said otherwise. Since my baby boy’s more than 3 and a half kgs, my doctor didn’t want to wait any longer. She suggested I go for an induction this week on 14th June.The thought of induction is scaring me to hell, but at the same time I am excited he’s finally arriving this week. I have tried almost everything for a natural labor to kick in. Walking, exercises, raspberry tea…name it and that’s a yes. I even had a whole big pineapple and a papaya. 🙁 But nothing seems to work in favor. No dilation and no effacement.

Apart from being in late labor, everything in my third trimester has been smooth so far physically… but there’s frustration, anxiety and anticipation of waiting and the thought of delivery. I’m trying hard to stay relaxed. I have been reading some interesting books to keep my mind occupied..treating myself to a relaxing bubble bath. Meeting friends and a little partying happens almost every weekend. Basically I’m trying to enjoy the last few days with my baby bump, with a lot of photoshoots almost every week. But I have been going through mixed feelings every now and then. Part of me is like – ‘can’t wait a second longer to meet my baby boy and get our little family party started and the other part is like – have I taken enough pictures of my baby bump? I think I need more.

“Exactly how many baby bump pictures are considered too many?” I asked my husband. LOL..