My saadh (Baby-shower) 29th April,2017

I had been dreaming of my baby shower from Day 1 of my pregnancy. But wasn’t quite sure, if there would be one, as we stay so far from our family. But thanks to our friends, they threw us a huge Baby shower on my 34th week of pregnancy. It had a touch of both traditional and western cultures.

Saadh/Baby shower, for us Bengalis revolves around a lunch, consisting of all the food that the mom-to-be desires, and when everybody kept asking me what were my cravings, I wanted to say yes to all the Indian dishes everyone mentioned.  If you are a Bengali and staying abroad, you will definitely know it’s not easy getting Bengali cuisines every now and then unless you cook one for yourself. And I am not much of a kitchen person.. Seriously I don’t enjoy cooking much.  But you gotta feed yourself so you gotta run to the kitchen. Leaving my kitchen laziness behind and coming back to my baby-shower day, our friends treated me with a scrumptious lunch.  It started with Saag(cooked spinach), Begun bhaja(fried egg-plant), fulkopi bhaja(fried-cauli-flower), potol bhaja ( fried pointed gourd), moog daal (pulses), sukto(bengali style mixed vegetable), fried okra, chick peas curry, egg curry, chingri maacher malaikari (shrimp curry), mutton, chicken tandoori with rice being the staple food.  Each and every dish was unique and the sweet dishes-  chutney, payesh and misti was a real treat for my sweet tooth.

My lunch started with each kid feeding me a spoonful of any dish, following by my husband feeding me too. Everybody made me feel so pampered and it felt really great celebrating my little man. I missed my mom, dad and sis so much. There were fun games involved and each winning team received sweet prizes. Of course there was a little photo session too.

the fun games…
deciding on the answers
‘Mommy-to-be’ 🙂
And the Daddy-to-be…