Pregnancy and people!!

Pregnancy is a blissful experience  and everybody has their fair share of happy, exciting and painful moments. There are also moments, when some people blurt out absurd things that make you go What?? say again!! 

No matter what, people will always have something to say!! It’s their job to give illogical comments. Most of the time, I have tried to nod and smile away.  Maybe, the raging hormones all throughout the pregnancy, makes the comments sound even more insensitive but what I have heard even after delivering my baby is worth penning down in my blog and laugh about it later.

1.Were you guys trying?

This question is funny and hilarious!!

2. “Emaa!! bolis ni kano re tora plan korchili? kamon chupi saare kaaj ta sere felli !! ”  (Why didn’t you guys say, you’ll were planning?

I mean, you wanted me to announce what exactly!!??

3. My husband and I, we love traveling places and we have been to quite a number of places before planning our baby. So once our pregnancy news was out, some people were like, “Emaa, ki hbe! tora to ar ghurte jete parbi na.(Mockish way) Ekhn tin-char bochor bondo thaak.”  (We feel bad that you guys won’t be able to travel now. Shut yourself in for another 3-4 years now).

Honestly I didn’t have an answer for this then. But now, let me tell you, it feels incredible in our world of snuggles and cuddles…. Parties can wait.. The world can wait, but my baby will not. He’s growing up really quick.  Me, giving birth still seems yesterday and he’s already 11 weeks now. And, honestly we can’t wait to plan our next trip together with our little man. I have imagined all kinds of photoshoots together, since I love taking pictures. The feeling is wonderful.

4. So, a few of us had been to a place and while we were climbing down the stairs, I said, “You guys can climb down first, because it’s going to take time with my huge bump.”

–One of them replied back, ” How about I push you down the stairs? You can climb down faster.” Saying this she laughed out loud.

This wasn’t funny, girl. Absolutely not funny when you are telling that to a pregnant woman. Pushing me is like you are talking about pushing my baby too.

4. Okay, so this happened right after I gave birth. My baby was not even 24hours old and someone said, ‘So are we seeing your next baby next year?”

–I had so many things to say but politely replied  back in my own way.

5. This one really hit my jaw to the floor. It tops all…… “I love to see babies cry. why isn’t yours crying now. I will come to your house every time to make him cry. “

— Girl, do you hear yourself when you are saying this?

She has no idea how much it hurts every time. Not once. Not twice. She says this every time she sees me and my kid, right from my pregnancy!!

Which mom would want to see her baby cry? A mom has a lot of emotions going inside her and  I don’t expect her to understand my feelings right now. The moment she becomes a mom, she will know how stupid she has been. The other day when she was repeatedly saying, “Tomar chele to kadei na. ami oke kadai?” she almost brought me to tears.

There were many other things that people said but these top all.

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