Surfside Beach at 27weeks (March,2017)

I will be posting my blogs obviously after my little one is born, so all this is going to be a time travel for me. I am on my 27 weeks, the last week of my second trimester. Happy me!!

second trimester update:

Nowadays, the only thing I have on my mind 24*7 is him. He doesn’t kick for one hour and all hell breaks loose for me. Yes, this is what motherhood does to you. The other day the nurse told me, babies have lazy days too  like we all do….drink some cold water and lie down on your left side for half an hour and it  actually worked.. :)that was a great advice I will say.

I have  gained 20 pounds already, ughhhh.. and I still have 12 more weeks. None of my dresses fit me anymore apart from the few XXL dresses I keep buying and those that my mom sends me from India. The weight gain worries do wash away when I visualize holding him and staring at his face for hours and hours.  The excess weight gain is because of my  too much sugar cravings perhaps. Apart from all the sugar cravings, I have travel-cravings too, if this word even makes sense.  We arrange gatherings almost every weekend with our friends. This week it’s the Surfside beach. The one and half hour drive and the beach waves felt so liberating.



My cheek bones have disappeared already…