Second Trimester stories…


This post is  continued from first trimester rambles..

February 28, 2017…

Just three months and a few more weeks left to see his tiny little face and hold him in my arms. Yes, We have a baby boy on the way.

It wasn’t really a surprise when the nurse confirmed we’re having a baby boy. Trust me, I knew it from the very first day and  my sixth sense kept telling me that. I had dreams about little boys all throughout my first -trimester pregnancy. I remember dreaming of three toddler boys playing together in our Raniganj home(my paternal relatives’ place). One’s my boy and the other two boys are my cousins’. I woke Atish in the middle of the night and told him about my dream. He just smiled not knowing what to say.

Still can’t believe our happiness is on the way and it’s just a few months left. Every time I see someone’s baby at the groceries or in our apartment I keep telling my husband when will I hold ours. I can’t wait for the next three months to get over. Motherhood is  such a great feeling. As I write this I have happy tears rolling and I can’t thank my Lord enough for making me a woman and  blessing me with this opportunity.  Every morning I wake up, his tiny little kicks make me so happy. Last night, after dinner, Atish felt the kicks too for the first time. GOD!! you should have seen his face!! He was so happy. Previously when I used to feel his bubbles and flutters alone, he would make a sad little face, which really saddened me.

We keep wondering how our little one’s gonna look like and often laugh thinking if he’ll have round chubby chicks like my husband…. I am sure to give him a nick name Gablu, from the comics. Funny for us but won’t be funny enough for our son when he grows up and finds this out.  And yes, we have finally anchored on two names. Hopefully those will remain final. Will be revealing later people.. 😉



Peek-a-boo from my little one…

I have a snack attack every five seconds now. I used to nibble on nuts and dried cranberries in my first trimester but nowadays it’s like having a full meal in the middle of the night. It’s really hard to be away from all the spicy food.

Second Trimester sure feels like a honeymoon time as people say, apart from the round ligament pains a few times, headaches have been a little worse on me. I have tried to avoid tylenol till now and depended completely on warm vapors with eucalyptus oil. Maybe not a quick relief but it has helped me till now.


I’m just hoping for a smooth third trimester.. 🙂


  1. Congratulations dear.Don’t worry Shweta only few more months. I keep reading al of your post. Its really good to read your post. I’m egarly waiting to see three of you in your post. Take care Baby.

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