Weekend Getaway to Spicewood, Austin

Date:  Flashback to 24th Feb, 2017……..

Prego: Week 25

It’s the end of February and the winters have started to take it slow exits. You probably know already, summers in the Lone Star State is not at all enjoyable. All you will prefer to do is treat yourself with some refreshing drink and shut yourself at home with the air- conditioners on. The extreme heat is too much to bear.

So, while the temperature was still at a pleasant spot, we were planning for a leisurely jaunt in our general vicinity, at Austin. I preferred a nearby place from Houston so that I could run to my Ob-gyn if any emergencies arrived. Anyways who wants to be 5 timezones away from their doctor when they are pregnant?At least I didn’t want to risk it..

180 miles from Houston, in a small town called Spice wood, we booked a house, Violet Crown Oasis for the weekend (through Airbnb). The house, in a word, it’s beautiful. It’s nestled on a hill top with a wonderful view of Lake Travis. The  rooms were spacious and decorated. I loved the kid’s room so much..The master bedroom is wonderful with a equally wonderful sunrise view. Once you are here, you can automatically feel reconnected with nature. The neighborhood is quiet and has such a serene atmosphere. Long walks, in the morning along the nearby roads will leave you utterly refreshed. The host, Lisa does make you feel very welcomed.

Our fun filled weekend of long leisures, gossips and posing for the camera turned out to be a great friend-moon. The pictures will say it all. We were three couples and a friend. I had my pregnancy card to get all pampered and  my female friends took that advantage too, directing the husbands to do all the cooking and the cleaning….lol!! The weekend felt like a real bliss!!

the place where we stayed…
breakfast prepared by Dev da…

on my week 25..

Lunch by my husband.. (Mutton curry and Rice)..


the gang is here..

Dinner (Pork loin) by Dev da again..