My first trimester rambles…

If you all have followed my previous posts, you are already aware of the big news and the reason why I have been irregular with my blogs all these days. We were so so happy and so excited that we wanted to shout out to the entire world with our pregnancy news. But the superstitious mind in us didn’t want to declare that so soon. Not being able to suppress the excitement, I ended up penning down my entire journey here. So all my posts is kind of a time travel for me..


12th December, 2016!!

And I am exactly 14 weeks pregnant today, finally will be stepping on my second trimester and all the morning sickness and tiredness are finally  taking their slow exits.

We figured it out at around 2 months, although my little sunshine inside me wanted to be known from the very first day. We were in Chicago for a vacay and I remember being tired every single second. All I wanted to do on our entire trip was sit and relax. Probably sleep. My lady bubbles did hurt like hell and I wanted to shoo Atish away every time he wanted to come near. We took a home-test after coming to Houston.  Our pregnancy wasn’t really a surprise for us, but we heard, it takes months to succeed. We really feel blessed that we got lucky on our first month(TMI,I know 😉

This first trimester has been a little tough for me. I was sick all the time. I literally went on a pause-mode. I took a break from everything — writing for the magazine I work for and even  from my computer classes. I would be lying on my bed, when Atish would leave for work and he would find me in the same situation when he would come for lunch in the afternoon. He would come to see if I had eaten anything since morning because all I could gulp down  was a glass of milk. Everybody in my family would ask if I was taking my meals properly but every single food gave me a nauseating feeling. I even hated chicken which  I loved  so much . I took my proteins through pulses and craved mango so much. Winters are not exactly a good season for mangoes but luckily our nearby HEBs had a few good ones this week. I had an intense affair with Carambola(star-fruit). I hate milk ice-creams but do like my popsicles. Mango popsicles specifically.

There are the  pregnancy pains and  then there are the best feelings as well. The best thing in the world is when you hear your baby’s first heart-beat. I am in short of words here. I was 8 weeks when I had my first USG.  I was in happy tears and couldn’t believe I have a human growing inside me. That feeling is so so great and so heavenly. I have never been that happy in my entire life.

My baby bump is still isn’t big enough to be noticeable and I am so looking forward to that. Also the kicks and the movements. 😉 🙂  Atish keeps telling me to have patience and that everything will come with time. But mommy is a little impatient here, sunshine. Well, speaking of Atish, I feel super lucky to have him as my husband, he has been so cooperative and so understanding. For all my inexplicable mood swings, my complains and my wants he has been really supportive. At times I would get so nervous and really wanted my mom by my side. To be true, he has been more of a caring mother these days and I have loved every bit of it.

This pic’s taken on my 15th week, at a friend’s place.. no baby bump yet  ;(

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