And here’s a long overdue travel blog of 2016….Chicago!!

We travelled to Chicago in the month of October, a short trip.. 2 nights in Chicago and one night in Madison, Wisconsin at a relative’s place. We had plans to watch fall, but the colors planned to bloom a week later, after we came back.

Now before saying anything about this city, let me quote what Sidney Sheldon said – “Every large city has a distinctive image, a personality that gives its own special cachet”.

For me, image of  Chicago has been such a delirious blur. I was already under the weather before landing the windy city suffering from a sore throat and a runny nose. The cold chilly weather of  Chicago, added more to my sickness. I felt sick the entire trip and wanted to stay at the hotel almost all the time. I literally dragged my feet across Chicago  taking frequent rests. I thought it was the fever that’s wiping me out the entire time but there was another big reason that took all my energy out…I was pregnant. Yes, yes…pregnant. I mean even writing the word ‘pregnant’ makes me so happy……A whole new adventure awaiting before us..The little human inside me was trying to give me signals about his presence, which obviously we didn’t know about.We came to find out about our pregnancy after returning to Houston. But, I must say, the first few weeks in his momma’s tummy and he’s already visiting some awesome places.

Coming to our vacation part, when on a vacay, we generally tend to hit up some of the iconic sites of the place. We were not an exception and since I wasn’t well we tried to make it quick.

Yes, I was literally lying there under the Bean, pretending to take pictures when actually I was taking rest..


Chicago Bean
I managed to rest anywhere I could….

downtown library..


Chicago L or el..

snippets from The Art Institute of Chicago….

Skydeck Ledge at Willis Tower- there was a long queue of people standing behind us to take pictures on the glass box… and I still didn’t care. I took my time to step on it.. this was scary..very very scary.. I couldn’t stare below for once..
the view..
Buckingham fountain..

Wisconsin neighborhood..







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