Talimena National Scenic Byway


In these 2 years of anchoring in US, I have set foot on 16 states till now and this 2017, I look forward to more such adventures. I am lucky to say that my husband and I, both share the same dream and we will be fulfilling that together for sure. I am not revealing that here, guys!! lets just say we are on the same page about what we want in our lives and I am so thrilled about it.

So, after our Chicago trip, comes our Talimena National Scenic byway road-trip.  I found one of my friends on Facebook who had been to this road-trip and they have amazing fall pictures. A week later during the thanksgiving holidays, we geared up with all the road trip essentials and started our journey with one of our groups. Our road-trip spans the length from East Oklahoma to West Arkansas, more than about 50 miles of the strikingly beautiful vistas, endless trails and camping locations.

Since we were driving from Houston, the 8 hour drive was a bit tiring. We rested in a hotel at Talihina, for the night.  That night was kind of a picnic party for us. All the restaurants were closed on Thanksgiving , we cooked and packed everything from home. This was a sweet adventure for us. We started again in the morning.

The map above shows the complete journey from Houston to Talimena and back.

This map above shows the scenic drive from Talihina to Mena.

Talimena Scenic byway..



Unfortunately by this week the colors had already started to fade out. The lower elevations still had slight pops of yellows and browns but the higher elevations had completely dried out. Of course its the winds and the cooler weather are to blame. This was probably the last week to witness to whatever fall was left off.  But the road trip was exceptionally beautiful. Thanks to my friends whose pictures intrigued us for this trip.

Well, this is a funny pic. What our friend has in his hand is Jhal muri. It’s a street food in Kolkata, mixed with all spices (coriander powder, amchur powder, salt, jaljira, cucumber,onion sliced,puffed rice) and made a mix. You can add spices and ingredients according to your choice. Long drive with Bollywood music on and jhal muri to munch on all the way, OMG!!  I can’t explain heaven better.