Nabami and Dashami in Houston… #Durgapuja #sindoorkhela

I have always wanted to wear sari in atpoure (Bengali)style, which obviously I don’t know how to drape. I learnt to wear my first sari after marriage, that too my mom-in-law helped me most of the time..Previously my mom used to help me with the saris. Though Bengali, I was tomboyish, so sari wasn’t my thing actually. I have long Β and funny sari stories, when I wanted to try in schools and college fests..I’ll come to those stories later some other day.. A friend of mine, Trisha di helped me this time. She is amazing with saris.

Nabami and Dashami was on the same day here in Houston..The best part of Dashami is of course sindoor khela..I was missing my parar(BelurMath and Belur Barwari Tola) sindoor khela and Thakur bisorjon. I have never missed them before.. Pujo was fun here as well, making new friends and all the photoshoots, Raat-bhor adda, exploring different restaurants and many more happy memories.

I am so happy with the sindoor khela pics this time.. Thanks to my husband, he is an amazing photographer.


Subho bijoya everyone.. Onek onek subhecha..

I can’t thank my husband enough for this pic…


Thanks Seba da…


Made new friends… πŸ™‚







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