Los Angeles to Cambria.. Day2 #part1Rodeo Drive


We started  as early as possible, as our plans to start for the big Pacific Coast Highway drive was  around the afternoon, after  our Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive ventures. We had California Pizza for breakfast and set out for our celebrity hunt. I guess everybody has hopes of running into a celebrity while driving through Beverly Hills. We even googled houses of Hollywood celebrities to find out who lived where. After roaming around aimlessly for like half an hour, my husband said ‘let’s do something productive’. Haha… 😉

I was really interested in visiting  Rodeo Drive, after reading all the blogs before our trip and it has some really expensive stores. I would say that’s the epicenter of Luxury and fashion. The House of Bijan is the world’s most expensive store. It needs pre-appointment to enter. Then there’s all other high end fashion brands as well. That’s definitely a shopper’s paradise. Window shopping was a delight for me 😉 . But personally I am not that interested in visiting Rodeo Drive anymore unless I become a millionaire someday. So looking forward to  that 😉



Rodeo Drive..


Rodeo Drive




img_20160906_110309-1We have a funny story here. While I was taking pictures around, there was this guy, trying to hit on my husband and I was like ‘hello, I am the wife here’. All these days I thought it’s only women;  now I doubt men as well. And of course I wanted to kiss him in front of everyone… lol 🙂






We checked out from our Los Angeles hotel and set out for the road trip. Our destination for the day was Cambria and the incredible stops along the day are marked as follows. Pictures are on the next post..





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