Drive from Cambria to San Fransisco.. #Day3

Nestled in one corner of the mountains and the woodlands, is the Dreydon House Bed and breakfast. That was our stay for the night at Cambria.The surroundings felt absolutely adventurous. The little garden in front of the house was lovely and then there’s deers to accompany you for the morning walk. Coming to accommodations, the service couldn’t be better. Bill and Janis were incredible hosts. The morning breakfast was lovely. Bill also gave us suggestions for our following trip, which turned out pretty helpful.Our next stop was Moonstone Beach Drive which was just a few miles from where we were staying. The beach looked less crowded, it’s a peaceful and beautiful place, amidst the rush of ocean waves. Hearst Castle isn’t much far away, we didn’t stop there but did manage to take a pic of the castle.

Elephant Seal vista point comes next. This is an absolute must see and is just a jump away from Hearst Castle. We enjoyed looking at the seals sprawling and gawking all over the beach. You cannot walk close to them as it’s fenced around but the view is perfect enough to take pictures and enjoy them.

The Pacific Coast Highway drive was ¬†wonderful and there’s no such thing as perfect place for photography. It’s beautiful at every turn.We took a lot of stops along the way which delayed us in reaching San Fransisco at the time we calculated, but the stops are worth it. We reached Golden Gate Bridge around 6pm. ¬†We were a little too tired after the long drive, completing dinner we grabbed off 7 hours of sleep.

San Fransisco blog will be coming next.

Dreydon House Bed and breakfast


Moonstone Beach, CA
Moonstone Beach,CA


Hearst Castle


Elephant Vista Point


Elephant Vista Point
Adios Big Sur..
Bixby Creek Bridge
Pacific Coast Highway



San Fransisco
Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco
Complete map of the day.. Cambria to San Fransisco




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