Sunset @Houston

I am quite a regular visitor of this place, either to jog or bike along the narrow roads down the hill. All I admire about this place is when the sun settles itself to set. To watch it drown in the horizon, dyeing the sky with various shades of crimson is something that never fails to allure me.
Sunrises and sunsets have always been my favorite part of the day. To leave the momentary pleasures of the busy city and enjoy nature in full awe is what Wordsworth taught me through his poems. This sunset photography was actually inspired from his poem “It ┬áis a beauteous evening, Calm and Free’. Now that the DSLR is my constant companion, why not spend some time and communicate with the one that got me under it’s necromancy spells.

Venue: Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza Park

spectacular view from my balcony!!
Watercolor.. thats what I could think of!!
I mean the sky…I still can’t get over it!!


until all that was left of the sunset was crimson stains spreading all over!!
A toast to the sky!!
you are ebullient, you are can fly with your dreams!!