New York, I am truly enamored of you!!

From the hustle and bustle of Times Square, hot dog stands on every corner and yellow taxis, to the tranquility of a quiet bench in Central Park, it is magnetic in it’s own way.
If I were to describe the city in a few words that would be ‘towering buildings that seem to pierce the sky’ and ‘ a very busy one’. Our New York  experience was quite short. It was a three day trip, we managed to visit Philadelphia and Washington as well. New York in a day became a bit hectic for us. A single day to invest for the city is never enough.But the Big Apple did manage to envelope me in it’s awe just within a single day.
The intersection of the Broadway and the 7th Avenue street, you will find the hyperactive Times Square which is a buzzing tourist magnet. With soaring skyscrapers the area is fully bathed in lights.



The city will never let you experience what solitude is. The congested sidewalks, busy pedestrians with Starbucks coffee cups in their hands walking steady fast for their work will surely bring the impression of a busy city. New York is to the country what sports car are to men and red lipsticks are to women.

    We spent the 4th of July evening in Brooklyn. The breathtaking display of fireworks that lit up the New-York’s night sky is something one can cherish all their life.


Grand Central Terminal, the name says it all. The legendary clock of the Grand Central has been the meeting  place for thousands of people. Not only a transportation hub but also it is known for its excellence in art and architecture. The astrological ceiling mural of Grand Central gives you one of the many examples of New York’s outstanding interior design.

Grand Central



NewYork Stock exchange.



Charging bull.. ( Kal Ho na Ho scene)…



Times Square is an entertainment on it’s own. It seems like each and every skyscraper of Times Square competes for attention.  Admiring the illuminated place with the unlimited mega stores can not be missed. “The night is brighter than the day” is more appropriate in Times Square than any other place in the world.

Brooklyn bridge.. No wonder a  Shahrukh Khan fan will start humming the  ‘kal ho na ho’ title track once they see this bridge.


Liberty Harbor cruise..

The Liberty Cruise was a memorable experience for us. Leaving the noise of the city life far behind, it’s a sail down the Hudson river to the Statue of Liberty, Miss Ellis Island and back.


Helicopter ride..




Street shops here resembled Kolkata Esplanade much..

Immerse yourself in the city of  New York and you will surely fall in love with the city that never sleeps.





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